Tuesday, November 4, 2014

So be bought pineapples and carved them since there are not any pumpkins.

For changes, me and my companion stayed together, but my companion is now the district leader. It is nice because now we have a cell phone and can be a lot more productive since we don’t have to go home to call people. There was a giant bike race in San Pedro (It is basically the big city in are zone) so we got stuck there sometimes because they close off the streets and taxis cannot get into the city. For Halloween, we returned to San Pedro because we had to get something from the Zone Leaders, but we got stuck there again because there was a bunch of people preparing themselves   for the next day (Dia de Muerte). We had to stay at the zone leader’s house so be bought pineapples and carved them since there are not any pumpkins. Dia de Muerte was the next day and it was great and horrible from missionary work. Everyone and their families were together and it was easy to talk about the plan of salvation, but everyone was with their families and didn’t or wouldn’t talk to us. I also bought some Decorte (it is basically super special Guatemalan woman material that is handmade), which is pretty expensive, but I am making them into ties. A lot of missionaries do it. We buy one material and make a bunch of ties with it, and then we trade them with other missionaries to get other colors. There wasn’t any mail for me at the mission headquarters, but the zone leader have to go back down again today so I might get the mail tomorrow if it has made it to the mission headquarters since last Wednesday. I am doing well, I am learning a lot more of the language so I am able to teach much better and work with my companion instead of helping him. We have a baptism this Saturday and a date for another person. I have heard from the mission leader that the mission president is super happy about it because my area has not baptized in years. That is cool that you went to a church in a different language. That reminds me of the MTC on Sundays. Everything would be said in Spanish and the important things would be repeated in English. It is really cool that you went up to see Joey and Millie. So, a bunch of people have complemented me on “The Tie” that Dad got on his mission.
Love Bret

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