Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Or we just have telepathy like you have always suspected.

For New Years Eve, Guatemala kind of does the same thing as they do on Christmas, it is usually not as big though because there is not as much money left after Christmas. Some families choose whether to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve though. This week we donated a bunch of toys and clothes that we asked from the members. We talked to a hospital about helping us and they accepted. We came the next day with our donations and it turns out that they didnt want to help us the next day because the went on strike instead. They hadn’t been paid in 6 months so they weren’t going to work until they got paid. They didn’t want to help because they didn’t want it to look like they were working. Two people from the Peace Corp were there so they helped us with talking to the Mayor of Palastina, and he showed us places that we could go to donate our stuff. One place was a Catholic church, and when the group who went there got there, the building was already filled. They started giving out stuff and when they were almost out, the people went crazy and started pushing people to get in front of the lines. Most of the people didn’t even speak Spanish there, they spoke Mum. For Christmas Eve, me and my companion were invited to an investigators house at last minute. When we went there was a bunch of food, but it was just me and my companion. We ate and talked until pretty late, then two other people came, but it was kind of strange that they had prepared so much food (it was a lot) and only four people were going to eat it. We left a little before the fireworks went off because we didn’t want to be on the streets when that was going on. The fireworks lasted for two hours, nonstop, until 2:00; they all kind of just stopped at once. IN church yesterday, a dog came in during sacrament. It was having fun visiting all the people, but someone got up after the dog had been in for a little and took off his belt and beat it until it left. I took a picture of it real quick because I didn’t want to messing around with my camera during sacrament, but I thought it was awesome that a dog wondered into the building so I really wanted a picture of it too.  The computer isn’t reading my card so hopefully next week I can send you the picture of it. Thanks for the pictures you sent me.  I forgot Joey did that too the first time we skyped him.  Great minds think alike.  Or we just have telepathy like you have always suspected.
Te amo, Bret

Christmas 2012 Elder Joey Mecham~England
2014 Elder Bret Mecham ~ Guatemala

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