Monday, May 11, 2015

The good news about the fair being in town is now I can buy churros every day

Hi!  it was so good to talk to you and the family and to my mom's family too. This week was kinda hard because we have the fair in town and it is mother’s day. A lot of people are not in their house because of it or at least just don’t feel as talkative. I went on divisions with the zone leaders this week too. I went with Elder Merrill to San Pedro. Elder Merrill is (NOT) a Gringo (he makes it very clear to anyone who calls him one) because he is from Canada and not the US. I asked him a lot of questions about Canada though. It was funny, we did companion study in the morning and he was telling me about a scripture that says how America is the blessed land. He then told me that when the Book of Mormon mentions America, it is not just talking about the United States.
 I am also noticing a pattern about my area. We will find someone new to teach and put an appointment to return, but when we return someone new is there and the other person is not. We then talk to them and put an appointment. When we return someone new is there. Basically we end up finding a bunch of new people to teach but are never able to teach them twice. It always has me leaving the house asking myself questions like ¿How many people live in this house? When we contact though, the people a more direct and tell us no and close the door right away on us, which in all truthfulness I am grateful for. It is a little discouraging, but it saves a lot of time because no we don’t have an investigator that avoids us and we can use are time in other places because after we can get a second lesson, we are like salesmen, we don’t leave you alone after the first time that you say no to us.
 The good news about the fair being in town is now I can buy churros every day. it is pretty great.
 Thanks for the birthday shout outs and Happy Mother’s Day to you and to the rest of those Moms that are out there. I hope you squeezed every last thing you guys could out of you’re the kids.Robert is going to Paraguay (90% sure) or Uraguay (10% sure), but I know it is one of those two.

 It was good to talk to Joey, the connection was great (it was actually the best of all the connections that I did last night). I am glad that the Stake President gave us more time so I could talk to him; it has been while since I have been able to talk to him one on one like that.

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