Monday, May 4, 2015

This week was filled with good and bad days.

While my comp is getting attacked I am playing checkers!

Fire Truck selfie!
This week we had another meeting with the mission president and the mission. After, I did divisions with the district leader (my old companion) so I stayed in San Antonio with Elder Puckett, a gringo from Springfield, Utah. It was really cool to go back to the other side of San Antonio and see old members and investigators. They all made fun of me because they heard I was only in chamac. This week was filled with good and bad days. We had investigators that really progressed, and some that really fell. It is always a super bummer when someone you were teaching falls. We also had people that told us that they were not ready for baptism, they wanted to know more. We explained to them that we only need faith and repentance before we can be baptized. Knowledge is not faith. They then became super excited and told us to come back so we can talk to their husbands and they can get married and then be baptized. It was pretty cool. We also went to our mission leaders house and I played the mom at checkers and her three kids attacked my companion. It was really funny; I will send the pictures later. We also talked to some members to get the skype ready for this Sunday. I love Spanish because I find that I end up just joking around when I speak it. That’s why I love the members. Rarely can I joke around with an investigator before I can gain a lot of confidence from them, but with the members, that’s all we do. It’s great. We also had a scavenger hunt today Grings Vs. Latinos. The Latino team ran around and they made the scavenger hunt so we knew we were doomed to loose. Guatemala is a great place for a scavenger hunt because it is filled with pacas. A paca is small store where they buy trash bags of stuff and they don’t know what is inside. They then sell the stuff, but the stuff they get is things you would buy at a thrift store or a garage sale. you can find almost anything because of pacas. Anyways, we got pictures of everything in the list and we returned back already knowing that we lost. we compared pictures and it turned out that one of the things we had to find was a sign that says "welcome to San Pedro, SaquetepĆ©quez" the Latino team ended up taking the picture of the other side that said "happy travelings from San Pedro, SaquetepĆ©quez" We won because of that and they then had to buy all of us icecream. Well, see you Sunday.  I can’t wait. 


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