Monday, June 15, 2015

Being a district leader is alright though. It is babysitting more or less,

 I don’t have anything to send pictures. Where we write in my new zone, the computer can’t read my camera or memory. Being a district leader is alright though. It is babysitting more or less, but I think it just all kinda of depends on how you district is as missionaries. My companion has a hard time with working sometimes so sometimes we don’t leave the house until 5 o´clock and we don’t work too efficiently either, but I am learning a lot from him. I don’t fight with him because that just brings about a bunch of bad things, but I do what I can. I am so grateful for dad’s advice about serving and loving your companion.  He was right and it has helped a lot.  My investigators are good, I think. We haven’t visited them in a bit. We did have a baptism though, only one though, the other two fell during the week. That is a cool idea about the drive in Movie Theater, Bugs’ Life in the garden combination.  Those kids most love you.  You were the best neighborhood mom- you always had a million things for us to do and learn so of course you are the best primary president.  Are you in Provo right now? Why? Probably for family history. That is cool that there is girls’ camp this week. I remembered going up with dad when he was on the high council all those years. It was always really fun and it was great to be there when the camp was empty.  Joey and I got into so much up there.  Glad to hear Cynthia is doing well.  That is great that Joey can baptize her.  Hopefully my blog is saying something to another of your friends.  You and dad are good missionaries. Keep it up. The elders must love you guys. 

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