Monday, June 29, 2015

Why did we get a new car?

Hi family!
Freak, that is insane that Travis is home. Why did we get a new car? WE can't sell the excursion.  That car is my childhood. Oh well, is it manual at least? If it is not I will be really sad if the bug is gone. I plan to drive that with Millie when I get home. We can share at BYU. That is cool that you guys got new cars. My dad (Elder Barnes) was an auctioneer, so he knew a lot about car prices, years and models, and stuff like that. It is interesting to hear about what missionaries talk about when they get back.  Thanks for keeping me updated.  They have had one of the most spiritual expiriences that they will have in their life, then they have the opportunity to talk to the people who they grew up with (for the most part). I am doing better with what we wrote about, I am still learning how to handle myself with the situation but dad’s advice was 100% on. A mission is about serving others. I am seeing what works and what doesn’t, but it is a lot better.  Thank you for your prayers. We also found a family super cool this week. He and his Wife are super humble, and the members are super supportive of helping them, so I think we will baptise him and his wife next week. We also talked to a 7th Day Adventist.  He knows a lot about the bible and is really old. He told us that he would go to church with us if we go with him. The only problem (besides the fact that we should just flat out not do it) is that his church is the entire day 9AM to 6PM. I don’t understand why other churches do that? I understand why it is much better to have church for more than just one hour, but the whole day? The Sabbath day is not just church, if you are there all day, you are missing out on the opportunities you have to do the other things you need to do on Sunday. It was funny, one day I was talking with Elder Pucket and he was telling me an experience about how he was teaching a 7th Day Adventist and he pulled out a scripture that was super clear that says that the Sabbath day was the seventh day, which is Sunday. I laughed and then explained to him how the seventh day is Saturday and not Sunday. I blame weekends and calendars. If Sunday was not included when talking about weekends, more Americans would know that.

So that is it from Reu for the blog.  Love, Bret

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