Tuesday, March 17, 2015

...and I don't know enough Spanish lawyer slang.

My new companion is Called Elder Vega (like Las Vegas). He has 13 months on the mission, and He is a good missionary. He works really hard so I am super excited for this change. I am still in San Antonio though. He is from Hondurus but I have never seen him before. He has been in the coast his whole mission so the cold here is killing him and  I think it is a bit harder her than in the coast.  He is thinking about asking for changes when he writes to president. This week We found some one really cool. His name is O---and his is a lawyer and really open to everything we told him. We found him at a good time because he is Catholic but thinking about changing to be Evangelical, so he is trying to learn to see if he should change. At the end of the lesson he gave us a strange fruit. I don't know how to explain it, it was like an alien egg. it is like a normal egg, just bigger and orange. you have to break it apart and eat the seeds that are inside. All the seeds are clumped up buy this weird goo stuff and that is what you eat. It was really good and the seeds with the goo look like small alien embryos or something.  (Christine's note. I am pretty sure he is talking about a passion fruit- Bret was the least adventurous of all our kids when it came to eating.  Doug and I tried to get him ready by making foods I researched online.  Alas, I did not get one of these.) He couldn't go to church though because at the last second he had to go San Pedro to do some lawyer stuff. I don't know what it was though, and I  don't know enough Spanish lawyer slang. my area got bigger this change though. They took the missionaries out of Chamac (the are next to ours) so now we have 3 churches in our area and everyone in the ward boundaries. I am excited for this change.
Love, Bret

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