Monday, March 2, 2015

This exam was like an AP test though.

Not much happened this week. We are just kinda laid low this week because my companion is dying and doesn't want to do too much before he leaves. We did visit a lot of member families and because of that we got a lot of food. One day I went on divisions with Elder Merrill (the other gringo in my district) and we ended up going to a ward soccer game. No one showed up, so me and him played 1 VS. 1 for a little. He ended up kicking the ball on top of the church (and then climbed on top of the church to get it) and we found and caught a lizard in the church so  I would say it was a pretty successful day. When we were about to leave, a kid showed up and told us to wait because other people were coming after him. still no one showed up. He told us to wait a little as he left to get some of his non-member friends. After we figured that a sufficient enough time had passed that the kid had no intent to come back, he came back to tell us that his friends were not home.  We also had an exam for preach my gospel this week. I already had one, and it was pretty simple so i did not worry to much about it. This exam was like an AP test though. He timed us, there were written responses that we had to do, the test had to be given at an exact time and taken at an exact time, we had to staple out tests closed before we handed the test to the president, our pencil had to be a number 2 pencil, we couldn't use a graphing calculator, our Proofs had to start with one of the basic Newtonian laws, and we had to cite all our resourse in MLA format. He didn't want to see if we had knowledge of Preach My Gospel, he wanted to know if we could recite it. I probably got a 3 but I will have to check my AP test scores once it gets graded in the stranded 3 month grading period and once I remember the password to my account. We have changes this week though, I don't expect on leaving (or they would have white washed my area), but I might get emergency changes... maybe. I also might be comp. A this change (as long as I did not fail my Preach My Gospel 303 test). I would send pictures, but my camera still isn't working  I know I have  another SIM card now so I can use my camera again.
I will!
Love Bret

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