Monday, March 30, 2015

We gave her a blessing and she was better later that same hour.

I am excited for conference; I think it will help a lot of our investigators out with their conversion. I will try to watch it in English, I will be sad if I can’t watch it in English. When the talk is in Spanish though, we switch it to Spanish. Sorry I couldn’t write last week. I went to Guatemala City to sign for my visa and it was on pday when I did it so I could not write. I met a missionary on the bus who has the last name Powell and she plays lacrosse, but was not related to Mikey Powell so that bummed me out. One of the mornings this week, a member came knocking at our door with her child puking in front of our house. It started a few days ago at school and the dad was not home ever to give her a blessing and if they don’t have money to buy medicine or go to a doctor. We gave her a blessing and she was better later that same hour. It was really cool. I am not sure if I have already told you but I have two areas that we have to take care of, and I am finding that the hardest part is getting people to church now. We have to leave early to do divisions with members to go to both churches, but when we go to people’s houses they are not there. We had an activity for youth this week to motivate them to go on missions. The stake invited all the missionaries to go and we ended up just playing a bunch of soccer and giving the kids fake mission calls. No one has money again in the zone (like what happened back in September) except me and the zone leaders. I talked to my companion about why he doesn’t have money and he told me that he sent a bunch of it to someone. I have to pay for him now, but I talked to the other missionaries about it and they told me that it kinda happens a lot. Well, I love you and am sorry that I don’t have pictures. I think just after time in an area you take pictures of most everything that you would take pictures of.

Love, Bret

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