Monday, April 6, 2015

I forgot you grew up Catholic so you know all about Good Friday.

Conference was great this week from my member perspective. I was able to watch it in English, which is awesome. There is just a different feel when you’re her the conviction in the voice of the person. Especially when you have someone awesome like Elder Eyring or Elder Holland talking. From the perspective of a missionary, it was really bad. We couldn’t get anyone to go. Maybe it was because of Easter the whole zone had problems bringing investigators to the conference. It just showed us what we need to do now in our area. The money thing worked out fine, everyone received money the next day. I am fine with money though, I have to call the money giver person to tell him to take some money out of my account. I think I will have changes this change, but the two week mark is up so we could not baptize any investigators that we find now, only my companion will next change. He is kinda discouraged and board of the area though. It is cool seeing conference in two different languages (when the talk is in Spanish we change it to the Spanish channel to listen to it). It is  a blessing. I am thankful for your  support and love you all.
 Part of Chamac that we found. the chapĂ­n in the photo is Mynor. he got back from his mission 2 months ago and is the bishops son.
I am glad to hear the garden is doing so well and it sounds like your primary activity went well there.  I do think the idea for a movie night would be good for the youth and the ward too.  We don’t have the technology to do that here.  I wish we could do that though it would great.   I forgot you grew up Catholic so you know all about Good Friday.  Here it is crazy though. I have a little of the streets during semana santa. In case you don’t know semana santa is Easter, but here, they celebrate it the whole week. The big day is Friday though, because the people decorates the street and dresses up to re enact the crucifixion of Christ. Good Friday is a scary day though. I am lucky and am in the mountains and can work. In the coast, the girls cannot leave that day and there are restrictions for the elders in the coast.
Easter Streets!
The streets for Easter

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