Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I then had a tug-of-war with the bull, as i tried to pull me around and kick me, but I WAS VICTORIOUS.

We had a baptism this week for a little girl whose mom is a member, but her dad is not. we had to fight a little to get the family to agree to get her baptized, and when they finally accepted, we did it that day (it was a Saturday) because we feared to wait a week. We also had a big activity Saturday so we knew that a bunch of members would already be there. At the activity there were a bunch of less actives and investigators, which was good because they got to witness a baptism. The Bishop was a little mad at us because we did a baptism within 3 hours of knowing that we could have a baptism in the same day. I understand why he was upset, I wish we could have had more time to get things set up, but if i had to do it again, i would not have changed anything.
 After the interview we went to the bishops house to see if they had clothes for her to wear for her baptism and we found the wife running around. We asked her what was going on and if she needed help. it turned out that her bull had escaped and she was trying to get it back. we ended up running up and down the mountain with giant sticks to catch the bull. It had a small rope around its neck and when Migalina (the bishops wife) went to grab it while it was running but ended up pushing the rope and it landed in my hands. I then had a tug-of-war with the bull, as i tried to pull me around and kick me, but I WAS VICTORIOUS. We were able to tie it to a tree so it couldn't run, then we got the clothes for the baptism.
   We have found some pretty positive people this past little while but they are slowly becoming less positive, but I think it is just because we haven't had the opportunities to talk to them because they are not at their houses, but when there is Faith there is Hope.
   We were working on an activity for the ward to get all there pictures and set up a presentation to present all the families. It took awhile because it is hard to catch an entire family together, but we ended up getting around 30 families. The activity was pretty successful.
   We did service for B-----this week. People cook on a plancha here (it is a giant metal table with a fire under it) so wood is super important to families that don't live in a bigger city so we help bring wood up mountains to chop it. It seems as though the only wood that our investigators can use is the wood at the bottom of the mountain that they live on top of.
   My companion is good, he is just ready to go home (he only has 17 days left) so I don't blame him.
   I had interviews with the president this week so I was able to see him this week. He just asked me the same few questions ¿How is your health? - good. ¿How much time do you have on the mission? - 6 months (I can't believe that I already have 6 months) ¿How's your family? - good (I explained that my mom (Susan) is pregnant and my older sister is about to get married). He then said "Hmmmmmmm,!" Well your mom is on facebook a lot and  comments '¡There is my son!' ¿Which Mom is that?" - I don't know that could be either one. That was the interview in a nutshell.
   I think I will stay in my area for one more change because when he asked me how much time I have been in San Antonio he didn't believe me when I told him my whole mission. But he also told my Companion that I was going to be companion A next change. It confused us a little because we thought that I was already companion A.
   That is cool that Sam got his call, When does he leave for the MTC?


His tortilla
Note from Christine-  I sent Bret a picture of Doug, Millie and her friend Erin at Chipotle-  He responded to the photo with this-
 "I will go eat my tortilla and beans"  He added a photo of his tortilla.  

Bret's words- "The most terrifying creature in Guatemala.  And a bull standing next to him."

Our pet bird

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