Tuesday, February 17, 2015

If that doesn't count as a guess then I guess whatever Dad guesses, he is always right.

Happy birthday a few days ago Christine!   You still look younger than anyone else because you are short.  That is super cool that Sam is getting his call. I thinks Sam will go somewhere in Asia, I don't know where though. If that doesn't count as a guess then I guess whatever Dad guesses, he is always right. This week we had people hide and lie to us a lot.  So funny! That is always a bummer but you get cool stories to tell like how you found a girl hiding under a pila or when you got to see someone fall because they are running down a hill. The mission is awesome, there is always something good. My Spanish is better (especially now that I have a latino companion), but it is kinda hard to tell when it improves. You don't stop and think "WOW, my Spanish has improved a lot since yesterday" Just something that has happpened to you in the past will happen again, but this time you just handle it better than the last time. It just doesn't improve at a noticeable rate (even though it does improve pretty quickly). My new companion is really cool, and is a very direct to our investigators so they know what we expect and want and he will call them out if they make up an excuse for why they cant do something. I am learning a lot from him. He is almost dying though so sometimes he just gets excited about leaving. the only investigators we have that we think we can baptize this month is B----and E-----. B----- is really cool and his wife was recently baptized and when we put a date for baptism he says that he will be baptized but he doesnt know when, so he wont let us put a date. E----- has gone to church with us, we just never know she wasn't a member. She is ready to be baptized, i just think we need to get her family more excited about baptism or it might prevent her from being baptized. Right now I am not studying anything in specific. I just usually study as needed for my investigators or recent converts.If not, I study from preach my gospel to help me find scriptures to use while I am teaching and because our mission president really wants us to know it and gives us random Predicad Mi Envangelio quizzes. There aren't any families that I enjoy being with as there are families that I like because they help us with whatever no matter what sacrifice they have to take. They are the the people who grow my testimony that missionary work is just as much  the members responsibility as it is the missionaries. I don't see a lot of birds, Only the pigeons on top of our house. I have heard that most of the birds are more north like the Quetzales and other famous Guatemalan birds. It is not as cold now, which is nice, but I think the rain is starting to come back so I am happy about that. I like the rain. That is a super bummer about Wendell. the only question now is what cat are we going to get to replace her? (Jerome is not the replacement cat!)
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